Hello, if your looking for fun playing guitar and playing all the songs that you want to play, whether rock, blues, country, finger style, classic, this is the place to be. I invite you to nycguitarlessons.com and to experience fun, patient guitar lessons in New York City and New Jersey. Whether its guitar for fun relaxation or the serious guitar slinger. The lessons range from beginners to advanced. Rock guitar, folk guitar, blues guitar, punk guitar, funk guitar, fingerstyle guitar and classical guitar. Classic rock to alt rock old and new. Bach to punk. Songwriters, theory, reading skills and ear training. I will create a custom program aimed to get you exactly what you want out of your lessons. With 28 years experience you can't find a more complete course for the price. Most lower priced teachers don't have the skill and anyone higher is charging too much. Come for a trial lesson and see.

Studios in New York City and Highlands, New Jersey.
I also teach bass and drums. Albert



I have wanted to take guitar lessons for a long time an am grateful to have Albert as my teacher. As I not the coordinated person in the world, he had lots of patience with my fundamentals.
He also did a great job in teaching me how read music. I look forward in continuing my lessons with him. Tom K. 2015

I started taking lessons with Albert about 10 years and could not have asked for a better teacher. He has taught me so much that I was even able to perform out several times.
He quickly figured out my weaknesses and provided me techniques to over come them. He has a terrific musical knowledge and it shows in the lessons.
He also was very helpful in guiding me through equipment purchases. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to play the guitar. Dave K 2014

Albert's lessons have really stuck with me--I give him credit for helping me achieve really all of my musical goals.
I've played out, been in a rock band, and started writing music, and a ton of that goes back to things I picked up from Albert.
He really tailors the lessons to what you are trying to accomplish. I would recommend Albert to anyone learning guitar.James K 2014

I've taken lessons from Albert for several years. Albert is an awesome teacher and VERY patient.
He is fluent in teaching many styles of music from classical, funk, jazz, rock, county, finger style, blues, metal, ear training etc.
He teaches theory and how to apply it to guitar in a way that is easy to understand.
He also teaches how to read standard notation, as well as tablature. Most guitar teachers these days are just teaching tab.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Albert to anyone of any age looking to learn how to play guitar, or someone who is working on getting to the next level.
Albert is a cut above the rest! Brett D. Jan 5, 2014

Awesome teacher!
After taking lessons with Albert for 6 months Im a better player than I thought I would be with years of practice.
In no time he made me feel comfortable on an instrument that before was completely foreign to me.
Every hour-long lesson (which goes by in what feels like 20 minutes) is filled with advice and information that would otherwise have taken me a lot longer to figure out on my own.
Hes very patient and will teach you ANY theory/song/style/riff that you want to learn, and whats best is you WILL learn it!
I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get better at guitar. Chris G. March 25, 2011

Couldn't ask for a better teacher!
It was happenstance that I chose Albert, and I'm so glad that I did! If it's possible to be pre-beginner, that's me.
Albert has been the most amazing teacher. He's patient and makes learning easy and fun.
He is an exceptionally talented musician who uses his skills and knowledge of music theory to make everything "click" during the learning process.
Without hesitation I'd recommend Albert to the most beginner and most advanced student. Cara W. March 25, 2011

Albert is great!
He Has been teaching my 10 year old son for over a year and my son has become a great guitarist.
Albert seems to know just about any song my son asked for and if he didn't he was able to quickly figure out by listening to it.
He mixes some music theory with the lessons which is very helpful. He also has been teaching a group lesson with my son and
his friend and has helped them compliment each other by playing different guitar parts together. He is versatile and has done a wonderful job! ~Cynthia Levine March 03, 2008

I have been taking guitar lessons for 5 years with Albert. I'm a 51 year old man who never played guitar as a kid, so I was starting from the very, very beginning.
No one will mistake me for Eric Clapton, I know, but Albert has
taught me to play guitar, to hear music ("ear training"), and to understand so much about the instrument. He is an absolutely wonderful guy.
I look forward to our hour together as one of the high points of each week. We play what I want to play.
He is patient, humorous and incredibly talented. I have referred friends to him and I do not hesitate to recommend him to you! ~Andrew S. February 28, 2008

Albert began teaching guitar to my daughter when she was 7. He was extremely patient and really connected with her.
No matter what ridiculous pop song she wanted to learn (think Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato), Albert was ready and really kept her interested.
She has had to take some time off due to overscheduling but still practices and is looking forward to resuming her lessons with Albert. Lorie B. March 28, 2011

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